Remote Session Drum Tracking/Drum Recording

Acoustic Drum and Percussion Tracks - Live Drums on Your Music

Since 2014 I have been providing remote acoustic drum tracking services for artists and bands around the world. Able to do one-song or even an entire album at your convenience. I provide 16 separate drum stems for you or someone else to mix which are generally sent to you via a Dropbox transfer link. Stems can be provided at your preferred bit-rate and format. Primarily I specialize in Rock, Country and Pop styles and have a Berklee College of Music Drums Specialist Certificate as well as years of sessions and live performances.

I have a good size drum room at AndyLand studios with over 20 snare drums, various cymbals and percussion instruments. In addition I can provide triggered sample sound tracks form the acoustic recording to enhance or change the sound you are looking for.

On completion you will be provided with:

  1. Stereo Drum Mix
  2. 16 Raw Drum Stems (Tracks)
  3. 16 Processed Drum Stems (Tracks)

You can then send these to your engineer or mix them yourself by adjusting the levels and panning to your preference.

Drum Tracks/Stems Provided To You

# Channel
1 Kick In
2 Kick Out
3 Kick Sub
4 Snare Top
5 Snare Top 2
6 Snare Bottom
7 Tom 1
8 Tom 2
9 Tom 3
10 Hi-Hats
11 Ride
12 Overhead Right
13 Overhead Left
14 Mono Room
15 Room Right
16 Room Left

Please contact me for more information, current rates and to discuss your project.