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Pearl BRX Set-Up 2003-2005

Pearl Reference Set-Up 2003-2005


Pearl Masters Studio BRX (7.5mm, 6-ply 100% Birch shell - Piano Black) and assorted snare drums*

  A   6.5"x14" Steve Ferrone Brass Signature Snare or 5"x14" Virgil Donati Maple/Birch Signature Snare, 6.5"x14" Eric Singer Maple Signature Snare, 5"x14" Chad Smith Signature Snare, 5"x14" BRX Birch Snare, 6.5"x14" Sensitone Steel Snare, 3.5"x14" Brass Free-Floating Snare, 6.5"x14" Andy Andrews Custom Black Brass
B 9"x10" Tom
C 14"x14" Floor Tom
D 16"x16" Floor Tom
E 18"x22" or 16"x20" Bass Drum

Other snare drums:

  • 5"x13" Pearl Steel
  • 5"x14" Tama Starclassic Maple
  • 5"x14" Tama Hand Hammered Bronze
  • 6.5"x14" Tama Steel Snare
  • 5"x14" Yamaha Dave Weckl Custom Maple
  • 5"x14" Ludwig Bronze
  • 5"x10" Yamaha Stage Custom

Drum Heads:

Snare Drums:
Batter Heads: Aquarian Texture Coated with power dot underneath
Snare Side: Aquarian Classic Clear
Batter Heads: Aquarian Response 2, Performance II or Aquarian Satin Finish
Bottom Heads: Aquarian Classic Clear
Bass Drum:
Batter Heads: Aquarian Super-Kick I
Front Head: Pearl Logo Head


All Sabian brilliant finish

  1   14" HHX Evolution Hats or 14" AAX X-Celerator Hats
2 8" AA China Splash
3 10" AAX Splash or 10" AA Rocktagon Splash
4 17" Vault Crash
5 20" Medium Artisan Ride, 20" HHX Evolution Ride or 20" HH Leopard Ride
6 18" Vault Crash
7 18" HH Medium Crash
8 18" HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash

Other cymbals include:
10" AA China Splash, 14" El Sabor Hats, 17" AAXtreme Chinese, 17" AAX Stage Crash, 18" AAX Stage Crash, 18" AA Medium Crash, 17" AA Fast Crash, 16" AA Medium Crash, 12"-14" Mike Portnoy Max Stax Low, 14" Sabian Triple Hats


All Pearl:

  • P2002 Eliminator Double Pedal (Chain Drive)
  • H2000 Eliminator Hi-Hat
  • BC800W Boom/Straight Cymbal Stand
  • C855 Cymbal Stands
  • CH88 Cymbal Boom Arms
  • S885W Snare Stand
  • CLH100 Closed Hi-Hat
  • Roadster Throne
  • TH100I Tom Holders
  • and assorted multi clamps

Rack Toms use the Pearl OptiMount Suspension System.


RimSHOT Elite Fatter Back Wood Tip

RimSHOT Brooms - 18 Rod


» Roland SPD-S (aa) (not used for all gigs/sessions)


» Shure E1, E2 & E5 In-ear-monitors
» Internal AKG D-112 BD Mic (18"x22")
» Internal Senheiser e-602 BD Mic (16"x20")
» Apple 40 GB iPod
» Behringer Eurorack Pro RX1602
» Boss DR-660 Drum Machine
» Moongel Damper Pads
» Lug Locks
» Protechtor Cases
» Tama RW105 Rhythm Watch
» Yamaha ClickStation

Pearl Drums, Sabian Cymbals, RimSHOT Drumsticks Pearl Drums Sabian Cymbals

* Set-up (Drums, Cymbals and Heads) varies according to artist/session.

Most gigs I use a smaller set-up than above. Generally I use a 4-piece set-up; 20" Kick, 10" Rack Tom, 14" Floor Tom and a Snare drum. My basic cymbal set-up includes a 20" Ride, 3 Crash Cymbals and Hi-Hats. After the basic set-up I will then add the 16" Floor Tom and a few more cymbals, and possibly switch the 20" Kick for the 22". It all varies depending on the situation and what kind of sound I need.

Current Set-Up